It’s Black Friday


Good Morning Mother Lode!

Last night Jay Leno said “55% of Americans will start their holiday shopping today…the other 45%… are men!    This is also one of the most stressful days ever for Americans!  Some of you are already awake and on your way to Walmart.   Let me ask you a question,  What is wrong with you?  Don’t you know this is the age of technology, so you never have to leave your house for the same sales these stores are promoting?  Go online, stay in your pajamas, drink your own coffee!  I’ve already finished my holiday shopping and never once put on pants, stressed over finding a parking spot, fought a crowd and had to deal with customer service reps that would rather be anywhere but dealing with a thousand stressed out people!  So for those of you dreading hitting the stores this morning, just stop right there, and take those shoes off and click this link!

Happy Holidays!

Country Stars Share


• RODNEY ATKINS: Besides turkey and dressing, one tradition the family follows is his grandmother’s recipe for chicken and dumplings. Rodney also makes time to go hunting, although he doesn’t usually have much luck.

• MARK WILLS: Thanksgiving will be spent with his family and the next day will be spent with wife Kelly’s family.

• DARIUS RUCKER: Typically the holiday is spent with his family or his wife’s, with football being a big part of the day.

• RANDY HOUSER: He always winds up cooking chicken on the grill. His mom will do a turkey, but there really isn’t a big event. He describes it as a time to lay around, eat and get fatter.

• JASON MICHAEL CARROLL: The meal rotates among family members, but there’s always a video game challenge.

• EMERSON DRIVE’s Brad Mates: Eats as much turkey as possible and hides some of his mom’s mashed potatoes in the back of the fridge for leftovers.

• ZAC BROWN: Has one Thanksgiving with his family that is traditional food and a second with his friends that is usually something unusual like steaks on the grill

• JENNIFER NETTLES: Her Thanksgiving tradition is going to see a movie of some kind


• ALAN JACKSON: His wife, Denise, their 30-year marriage, learning from mistakes, their pets, their daughters and their faith

• TRACE ADKINS: The time he got to spend with American troops

• JACK INGRAM: Bud Light, Willie, Waylon and the boys, and rocker Tom Petty — in no particular order

• DIERKS BENTLEY: The sacrifice and strength of the troops’ families.

• RODNEY ATKINS: His wife, kids, sleep, TiVo, our troops, saline sinus rinse, hot tubs, health, vodka, and when his wife gets in the hot tub with nothing on but a ponytail holder

• LEE ANN WOMACK: Her country music appreciation and social club

• ZAC BROWN: His wife, his new schedule, and bath time with his young daughters

• CARRIE UNDERWOOD: For having a childhood mentor in her fifth grade music teacher that encouraged her to take the spotlight

• GRETCHEN WILSON: For being a mom

• JOE NICHOLS: That he’s been given a second chance after a battle with alcoholism.

• LADY ANTEBELLUM’s Charles Kelly: For all the home cooked meals he gets when he gets off the road

• DARIUS RUCKER: iChat. He uses it with his wife and kids and he says it’s better than a phone.

• The guys in RASCAL FLATTS  are thankful for time off the road. While they love the fans and touring, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and re-connect with family.

Goodie Of The Week Wednesday

One Good Deed

Good Morning Mother Lode!

Time to announce this week’s Goodie Of The Week Award Winner!  Congratulations to Don Crouch, nominated for his good deeds!(Read the letter below).  He wins a gift certificate from J.S. West Ace Hardware in Sonora! 

Hello Big Joe and Bridgette, I am writing this to bring to your attention a fine gentleman who has lived and given to our local community the last 20 plus years, Don Crouch. I personally have only known Don for the past three years. In that time I have come to see how much Don gives to Calaveras County and its Citizens. Don made his living in the Bay Area as an electrician after leaving the Military. After retiring Don made his home in the Dorrington area. Don has helped run the  “Food Closet” at the Church of the Pines in Arnold for the past 13 years, giving his time and effort unselfishly every Tuesday to help those less fortunate. Don has been involved with the church not only as an Elder but as a mentor and caring shoulder for those who needed comforting. He is an active member of the S.I.R.S. in the Arnold area, attending monthly meetings. Don is a past member of the Volunteer Search and Rescue Team in Calaveras County having been called out at all times of the night! the  search for those that had become lost in the forest. I have had the opportunity to work with Don the last 3 years as a member of the Sheriff’s Volunteer Unit. Don at this time holds the highest rank in the Unit as our Volunteer Lieutenant. Don has been with the Unit since May 2001. Since joining he has given over 5900 volunteer hours to the Citizens of Calaveras County. Don as a member of the Unit provides security at parades, security at the Fair, conducts vacation house checks and guides members of the Unit through leadership. As part of the Unit he also provides traffic control, patrol checks, and has operated the Arnold sub station. Don is an excellent example of a person and friend who only asks, “what else may I do to help”? I am sure many of your listeners know Don and would agree with my nomination for your “Goodie of the Week” award.

Thank you for your consideration, Jim Aguilera