Ha Ha

Okay…seriously.  This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile!  I have actually seen people here in the Mother Lode that look like this!  You will laugh or be embarrassed if you’re in the photos!  Click here

It’s Friday!


Good Morning Mother Lode!

3 big things to tell you on this Friday morning!  It’s National Peanut Butter Fudge Day, Oprah is saying goodbye and The Playoffs kick off tonight here at home!  Click the banner below to listen to the live stream of tonights game!  Summerville takes on Ripon at Home


It’s true…Oprah is saying goodbye America, kinda.

Oprah Winfrey will end her popular television talk show at the end of its 25th season in September 2011. Oprah will make the official announcement on her show today (Friday), and disclose the reasons behind the decision.

… Oprah started her broadcasting career in Nashville and Baltimore, before relocating to Chicago in 1984 to host WLS-TV’s morning talk show A.M. Chicago, which was renamed The Oprah Winfrey Show a year later.

… Sources say Oprah will move to her own cable network. She’d still have a talk show, one based on Los Angeles, but it would not be syndicated. It would be on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), formerly Discovery Health.

… Word is she will be making her big announcement today (Friday) because it’s the last taping day of the show for the rest of the year.  FYI..I’m writing this blog from Oprah’s Hometown this morning, Kosciusko, Mississippi!

Today’s mystery word is “Mud”.  Be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 when you hear it and you’ll be a winner this morning!
 Have a great Mother Lode Weekend and Good luck to the Bears and The Wildcats!


Video Of The Day

I saw this one and had to share.  Do you ever feel like you’re not as lucky as some people?  Well this fella’ in this video is way luckier than you or I will ever be!

It’s Thaw Day?


This is for whoever is responsible for cooking your Butterball this year!  Whether you have a small bird or one of those giant 24 pounders, you have to know how long it takes to thaw.    Here’s a cool website that gives you everything you always wanted to know about thawing!  Have a great National Thaw Day!  That just sounds weird.

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning Mother Lode! 

It’s Thursday and I’m writing this blog from beautiful Kosciusko Mississippi this morning!  Yes I’m on vacation and still working!  What’s up with that?  Mom sends her best to all the folks in the Mother Lode and we invite you to come back later this week for pics of my trip back home!


Today is “Have a Bad Day Day“!  Let’s get this bad day going shall we…Bridgette and her big strapping man Sheriff Melee are back on this morning with more fun and music!  Don’t miss the mystery word of the day to win a great prize from the Cabin!  Today’s word is “Catfish”!  Be the 3rd caller at 532-9350 when you hear it and win!

Don’t forget…this weekend The Bears & The Wildcats are in the playoffs and you can follow all the action at Mymotherlode.com

Have a great day Mother Lode!