KKBN Pet of The Week(02.02.16)


This is Pepper. She is a 10 year old Lab X. Pepper has recently retired from work as a registered Therapy dog. This she did for 9 years. She visited the elderly at Skyline, Avalon, SRMC Rehab, the Watch program & participated in the reading programs at the local elementary schools. Pepper wandered into my yard after being left behind when her owners went to jail. She was about 6 months old. She truly is the best dog, so in her retirement years we will make trips to Petsmart for the free cookies the cashiers give her. It’s her favorite place!

Richie Grant

KKBN Hard Working Man(01.27.16)


John Brennan Jr
I would like to nominate my husband John Brennan for the hardworking man contest because without my husband johns hard work and determination to make my dreams come true, I wouldn’t be living our fairy tale life.  My husband works 12+ hrs a day as a mover in modesto, to put me threw nursing school. He is up at 5 am 6 days a week and in modesto by 730a and back home sometimes very  late only to wake up in 5 hrs and do it all over again. My husband is the hardest working, loving, kindest man I have ever met in my life, not only is he my husband but he is our hero. I thank god everyday for my husband and our children and blessing me In the best way possible. please choose my husband as he deserves this reward and so much more.
Mrs. Brennan


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KKBN Pet of The Week(1.26.16)


Our household is so fortunate to have this awesome cat Cheddar in our lives.  He is patience with the kids, cuddles, a great gofer hunter, and he is an excellence sleeper – because he does that most of the day.  He is 8 years old and weighs in at 28 pounds and we sometimes refer to him as catdog because he is as bigger than some small dogs and his mannerisms resemble a dog.  We all love him so much.  We think he deserves pet of the week because he is such a special cat!

Thank you,

Cheddar’s Children Servants

Charlotte (9), Wyatt (7), Colten (9)

Cheddar’s Adult Servant

Samantha Huebner

Changed by a Handshake

The Man Who Changed Dwayne Johnson’s Life With A Handshake

“I’ll never forget that shake,” Johnson says. “He wouldn’t let it go.”


From the Huffington Post/01/18/2016 07:26 am ET/Lisa Capretto

It’s hard to picture Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as anything other than a charming, genuine, all-around great guy, but back when he was in high school, the pro-wrestler-turned-movie-star says he was a “punk kid,” just like so many others.

As Johnson tells “Oprah’s Master Class,” his troubled teen years went beyond harmless angst-ridden antics. “When I was 16 years old, that was the last time that I was arrested,” he says. “At that time, we were at an all-time low, I think, with our family.”

The family had recently moved to Pennsylvania, and Johnson indeed stuck out among the rest of his new classmates.

“I am already a pretty big boy: 6-foot-4; 220, maybe [2]25 pounds,” Johnson says. “I had a very bad moustache. I had a chip on my shoulder, fresh into this new high school in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.”

  Courtesy of Dwayne Johnson
Even in high school, Dwayne Johnson looked more like an adult man (with “a very bad moustache”) than a teen student.

One day in school, Johnson had to use to restroom, but decided that the one used by the other young guys was too foul. So, he waltzed into the teacher’s lounge and used the bathroom that was supposed to be off-limits to students.

“A teacher comes in. His name is Jody Cwik. Tough guy. He says, ‘Hey. You can’t be in here,” Johnson recalls. “I kind of pause, look over my shoulder. ‘OK. I’ll leave when I’m done.’ And I continued to wash my hands.”

When he finished, Johnson gave Cwik a pointed look as he left the lounge.

“He was fuming,” Johnson says.

Jody Cwik was a teacher and football coach at Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where one of the lives he changed was Dwayne Johnson’s.

Johnson got home that evening and started to really think about his act of defiance.

“I felt bad,” he says. “I just felt bad.”

So, the next day at school, Johnson found Cwik and offered an apology.

“I said, ‘I just want to apologize for how I acted yesterday. And I’m sorry.’ And I stuck my hand out,” Johnson says. “He looked at my hand, looked at me, looked at my hand again. And he shook my hand.

“I’ll never forget that shake,” Johnson continues. “He wouldn’t let it go.”

Then, Cwik finally spoke.

“He said, ‘I want you to do something for me… I want you to come out and play football for me,'” Johnson says.

Courtesy of Dwayne Johnson
When he first started playing football in high school, Dwyane Johnson had no idea what kind of impact it would have on other parts of his life.

Figuring he’d give it a shot, Johnson agreed. Cwik was the school’s head football coach, but he soon became so much more than that to the once-troubled teen. “He became a father figure to me, and a mentor,” Johnson says.

As Johnson fell in love with football, many other areas of his life began to improve as well.

“My grades got better, and I started getting recruited from every college across the country,” he says. “My thought process started to change. That’s when I started thinking about goals and what I wanted to accomplish.”

And it all began with that handshake from the late Jody Cwik.

Jody Cwik passed away in 2006, but he left a beautiful legacy that lives on through his former students and football players.

“I love that man. I’ll never forget the impact that he had on my life,” Johnson says. “My takeaway from that amazing relationship that I had was the empathy that he had for a punk kid who treated him so rudely and disrespectfully. He looked past that BS and said, ‘I believe in you and I want to turn you around.'”

It’s a philosophy that Johnson had applied in his own work with children today.

“Oftentimes, when I see kids and they have been labeled ‘oh, they’re punk kids’ — true. But there’s good in them. We’ve got to see that potential,” he says. “And I enjoy that today, seeing the potential in kids, just like [Cwik] did… So, thank you, Jody. Thank you, buddy.”


KKBN Hard Working Man(01.20.16)


Bill Meyers
My brother Bill is and always has been the hardest working man I know. he has held the same position at his job for well over 25 years(that in itself speaks volumes) stays late for the customers goes on road calls that I wish he wouldn’t just to keep people on the road. family is always first with him. his wife has been disabled for some time now and he continues to care for her and work hard around the house to be sure she is comfortable when he has to be away.  Our niece was affected by the butte fire last year and he opened his home to her family while the evacuation was in effect.   I recently had some health issues and he has continued to stay up on the latest treatment to keep me informed of my options.   I have listened to your station from the valley and enjoy stories of the hard working men shared by other listeners.   I do not know why I have waited so long to nominate my brother but I do hope you choose him to let him know how much I appreciate him as well as look up to !
him for strength as we lost our mother what will be 7 years ago this august and with him I have not felt alone in this life.  I love you brother




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