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KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

Below are the Pet Of The Week Winners!

KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest

It’s The KKBN Pet Of The Week Contest! Brought to you by:


Send us your favorite pix of your cuddly, creepy, cute, furry, funny pets!  We’ll pick a winner each Tuesday morning and post the picture on The KKBN website for all the world to celebrate your winning picture!

Send all photos to and good luck from your pet friendly radio station Today’s Country 93.5 KKBN

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(4.15.14)



    The first photo is my kitty Balem. trying to grab his toy :)   and then we have Biscuit driving the family car!


    Samantha Jones

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(4.8.14)

    Daisy RESIZED 4-1-14 034

    Big Joe, Bridget, and everyone at 93.5 KKBN


    Hi my name is Daisy.  I am a 7 month old Holstein calf, well almost 7 months- I will be 7 months on April 17, 2014.  And I am the most spoiled diva anyone has ever met.


    I was not always a diva.  I was sold at a big scary auction when I was just 1 day old! But some nice people bought me, cared for me, sold me to the wonderful mommy and daddy that I have today, and now I am the most beautiful, prettiest calf in all of the land.  And I will hopefully grow up to live a long happy life, just how a cow should: in green pastures.


    Some of my favorite things are:

    ·         eating grass

    ·         chasing my dog friends around my pasture

    ·         playing my goat friends

    ·         drinking from the hose

    ·         eating my mommy’s pant when she is brushing me

    ·         stinking up the barn

    ·         pulling laundry off the line

    ·         And running scared from my mommy’s kitty cat.  Even though I am 464 pounds I just know that 6 pound cat is going to get me!


    I hope you pick me as pet of the week this week, or next week, or any week just so the whole world will know how spoiled this cowgirl deserves to be!


    Thank you,

    Daisy, a.k.a. Cowgirl

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(4.1.14)
    Hello Big Joe and Bridgette Me and my Husband have recently moved back to the area and love your show and we listen to your station all day and everyday!! We always have!
     I love the contest pet of the week and finally found time to sit down and show you some pictures of our children Ted and Lola. Both of them are pure bread shi zsu one is overweight and the other is just such a runt!
    Ted is 2 years old and is the coolest little dude with his own personality he can be so loving, playful, and a trouble maker but he is the coolest little individual we have ever had! Ted gets into so much trouble just by getting into everything possible! Ted loves to play with toys of all kinds and he has a talent! Ted is only 8 pds, just a little guy but he likes to be in your arms so he will jump straight up to you about 5 feet of springs he has in those legs! It is so cool to see. Ted likes to take pictures and has a unique smile upper left lip up with one big fang its so cute !! One last thing about Ted everyone that meets him wants to take him home.
    And our Lola La Lu Lovera is the sweetest most loving, caring and over weight doggie! Lola is 7 years old and has been a part of our lives since she was 6 weeks old. Lola loves to sing, she loves her toy toys and is always waiting at the window for us to come home. Lola loves the grandchildren so much that she is by their sides at all times (even in all the pictures we take). When Lola see’s the grandchildren or hears their voice  she starts singing away and gets so excited! Lola does have one problem she is a nervous nelly at times but once she is familiar with you or surrounding she is just so loving and everyone’s best friend!
    I think Ted and Lola qualify for pet of the week and all the viewers will love their pictures and personality’s.  Ted would love to be a super star!!! Lola will most likely have a panic attack!
    Thank you ,
    Brenda and Mike Kelley
  • KKBN Pet Of The Week


    This is Simba, he loves to play and doesn’t care if he fits in his cat tree.


    Jared Howard

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(3.18.14)

     I would like to nominate my new puppy that my husband got me for valentines day! She is an English bulldog and will be 3 months old on March 13, 2014. She snores even when she is awake and snorts just trying to walk around. She is very spunky and loves to play with our kids and our other dog. We named her Buttercup and she is such a cute fatty with tons of rolls! She is so adorable how can you not think she deserves pet of the week?

    Thank you!!

    Destanie and Clyde Smith

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(3.11.14)


    Hey Big Joe and Bridgette! I listen to your show every morning on my drive to work from Oakdale to Tracy! My dog, Bug, means the world to me and we would both appreciate the chance for Bug to be the KKBN’s Pet of the Week!
    Here’s a little background of our relationship: We found Bug running around the streets, abandoned, almost 3 years ago. He came right to me when we called him. We named him Bug because of his big, expressive eyes and he was “cute as a bug”. He has been the best pup anyone could ask for! This weekend he recently had a seizure and we can’t imagine if anything was to ever happen to him! We love our Bug!

    -Beth and Mike from Oakdale

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(3.4.14)



    I would like to nominate my dog Remington a.k.a Crazy. She is a 4 lb Morkie (Maltese/yorkie). She is the most rambunctious yet completely adorable dog. She loves living out in the country and will run circles around the trees as fast as she can just because she’s happy to be outside :)

    Courtney Warren

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(2.25.14)


    Dear Big Joe and Bridget,

    I would like to enter two of my cat family in your pet of the week contest.  Joel and Henri (On-Ree) are litter mates about three years old.  They were left at a friend’s house at about 8 weeks old in a carrier with food and water and milk, but no litter box.  I heard Henri meowing, and went to see them, found them very wet, but really healthy, and brought them home..  They were a wonderful addition to the family!  Henri loves to play fetch with various toys.

    Beverley Davis

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(2.18.14)


    This is Izzie-Bee she is a 7 year old Chu-poo

    Nikki Jones

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(2.11.14)


    I would like to nominate my dog and cat Khloe and Gabe. Khloe was a single animal in our home for about a year and a half. She always hated cats and chased any that came into our yard. Well when our 3 year old son completed his potty training we had to fulfill our promise to him, which was getting him a cat. We weren’t sure how Khloe would handle it but she has taken to our lil Gabe like a mother hen. They sleep together, eat together, play together and most of all LOVE each other. Khloe still chases cats but not her cat Gabe. We got Gabe when he was 4 weeks old and now he is 5 months old. They are the sweetest thing together and I think they deserve the Pet of the week award!!

    Kelly Swift

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(02.4.14)


    We would like to nominate our ReHorse Rescue Miniature Horse “Cookie”. She is about 27 y/o and is a great companion and friend to Cupcake our special needs 28 y/o mini. Cookie participates in our Hands and Hooves Program with Tuolumne County Child Welfare Services and has been a wonderful partner for all her Foster Children! Cookie never complains about dressing up for the parades and events! She is a true Ambassador for ReHorse Rescue Ranch! Thank you Cookie!!!

    ReHorse Rescue Ranch

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(1.28.14)


    In honor of my beloved “Outi”…the best dog that ever lived. I met Outi when he was 6 months old n was blessed to take ownership 3 months later. It was love at first sight…such an honorable dog…to the end.

    Due to cancer at the age of 12, I had to send him to Rainbow bridge 2 years ago…hardest thing I have ever done!  His hairy collar still hangs from my rear view mirror n comes in handy if I am feeling sad.  It’s true…gone from earth but not from my heart.
    Laura Dickey

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(1.21.14)

    Oct. 2013 006


    Hi Big Tom and Bridget,

    My mom rescued me from the chicken coop when out feeding the chickens one morning, I was running away because I was afraid, but she caught me and brought me in a held me until I settled down, I remember her calling my new dad and she told him to bring home a can of goat milk, I guess she knew that I would like that.

    So she would get up all through the night and during her busy day on the farm she fed me from an eye dropper, I didn’t know what it was I just know that is what I heard her telling their friends (my new friends now :) to.

    My name is “Coop” Cooper, Scoop, Pooper Scoop, I have a lot of names, but COOP is my real name.

    I think I should be Pet of The Week because all my mom and dads friends and family said I wouldn’t live because I was to young to know how to swallow and that I would drown, but see I made it and my mom did a good job. As you see, I now am big and healthy and every morning, I come running down the hall when I hear my dad filling my feed bowl with my VERY favorite breakfast, CHEERIO’S, honeynut cheerios are good to. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and I live in the house with the rest of the family. I have 2 dogs, and 3 cats for brothers and sisters and am so so happy.

    Thank you Big Tom and Bridget, we have a good time listening to your show in the morning.


    Coop Esposito

    Typed by my mom Jonni, I have no thumbs :) :) :)

    Have a Very “Hoppy” day

  • KKBN Pet of The Week (1.14.14)
    I would like to nominate my dog Siddalee for the Pet of the Week award! She is a three year old Shweenie (half Dachshund and half Shih Tzu) and I love her to death!  Since this Tuesday is National Dress Up Your Pet Day, here she is modeling one of the two tutus that I made for a baby shower. Since there weren’t babies around to test the fit, I chose her. Clearly, pink is her color. :)
    Danielle Maguire
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(1.7.14)

    romo lights

    Merry Christmas Big Joe and Bridgette,

    I am nominating my Big Boy Romo for Pet Of The Week. He is an 5 year old, 90 lb English Bulldog who was not supposed to make it. He was born with spina bifda, a heart murmur, cherry eye and one testicle. He has overcame all of these issue’s and brings me so much joy. If I would let him, he would sit on my lap 24/7. He is very playful and extremely active. He has to be in the middle of everything as you can see from this picture.
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.31.13)


    Kristmas, Bella and little miss Sunshine….


    Katryna Hunt

  • KKBN Pet of The Week (12.24.13)



    My name is Darlene Warren and I live in Sonora…We named this kitty Flash..We do not know who owns him but he has decided to own us..He is sneaking in our kitty door and sleeping under our Christmas tree. Every morning he is here to eat and get love..So I guess we belong to him…He is very friendly but our cat Henry is not amused..But Flash doesn’t care he ignores Henry’s warnings and sleeps where he wants.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.17.13)



    Hey Big Joe and Bridgette

    I want to nominate my dog Bella for pet of the week. she is a American bull dog and the friendliest dog you will ever meet in your lift and she also is in love with my son tyler. she is loyal and loving that is why she sould be pet of the week.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(12.10.13)


    Meet Gary Barker!

    Hi big Joe and Bridgette. This is my dog Gary. He is a four year old Heinz 57 mutt. He looks like lab,heeler,and pit mix. He loves the snow and playing fetch and running along side our mt  bikes and doing tricks. He also loves being tucked in.

    Sandra Spaulding

  • KKBN Pet of the Week (12-3-13)
    Meet Obi! Attached are pictures of a quite handsome (and extra large) German Shepherd.  Obi will be 4 in December and weighs 135 lbs. He enjoys hiking in the Sierras, playing with kids, and knows a ton of tricks. He is truly a special (and very handsome) dog. We hope you enjoy the pictures. 
    Mary & John
  • KKBN Pet of the Week 11-26-13
    This is my dog Bodie. He is a chocolate lab mix. Bodie is a year and a half old, and we adopted him from an animal shelter in Calaveras. He quickly became a member of our family.

    -Tyler Vanderwiel

  • KKBN Pet of the Week 11-18-13


    Hana the Flower Child with her Hippie Bro Buster
    I would like to nominate my two dogs, Buster (14 yr old mixed breed) and Hana (9 1/2 yr old boxer) for pets of the week. Both are rescued dogs from an animal shelter and after training and testing are both certified therapy dogs. You can find them listening to the children read to them at Sonora Elementary School or the Sonora Library, and visiting with the elderly in an assisted living center. Recently Buster and Hana were found visiting the fire crews up at the Tuolumne Fire Encampment each night to bring some stress relief to the fire crews and staff. Buster earned the name “Grandpa Dog” as he was the oldest dog up there visiting. They love to watch for squirrels, eat and sleep when not doing their therapy dog visits. The picture is them in their Halloween costume one year :)
    Thank you so much for considering them for this week’s pets of the week. They are two of the loves of my life!
    Marie T.

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(11.12.13)
    Hi, my name is Sophie and I am a Pappillon, or a Butterfly dog.  My parents got me from the Humane Society, so I am a rescue dog, but who rescued who?
    Submitted by:
    Don & Jan Moncrieff
  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(11.05.13)
    Hello Bridget and big Joe our pet”s name is “Bing Crosby” we call him Bing  its the name the shelter gave him in merced ca before we saved him about 9 years ago . he is a pit boxer mix and has become our beloved family friend. We still dress him up for Halloween  (not sure if he still likes it ) so  please consider  him for your next  pet of the week

    George and Jennifer Laszlo

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(10.28.13)



    We would like to introduce you to our “craigs list” dog Disso. He came to our family in February and he is a bull terrier, jack Russel mix. Bull terrier body and jack Russel legs, one that is crooked. Perfect!  Robert & Patti Reid, Angels Camp

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(10.22.13)

    image (6)

    Hello Big Joe and Bridgette,

    This is my 5 month old German shepherd Ruger and my one year old cat Smokey
    I’ve had Ruger since he was 6 weeks old and he has defiantly been a challenge as are all puppies at 6 weeks.  He is turning into a wonderful dog who is VERY vocal and loves to play with our other dog Remington all day long.
    Please consider Ruger  as your next pet of the week.
    Thank you so much

    Josephine Farrell

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(10.15.13)


    Here’s Cache! She’s a beautiful, playful kitty


    Janette Smith

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(10.08.13)



    This is Maxi (aka monkey), my 1 year old chinchilla. She is the fluffiest, sweetest, most playful companion I have ever had! She is one of a kind in her personality and in her looks to:)


  • KKBN Pet Of The Week (10.01.13)
    Captain Sierra Ranger will be 15 years old next week and is very active playing with other dogs and walking several miles every day.
    Ranger was given to me by my employees at the age of 6 weeks.
    He is the most behaved dog ever!
    Jim Gormely


  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(09.24.13)


    Meet Joey. He enjoys car rides after getting his manicure. He’s my 2 year old Blue and Gold Macaw.

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(09.17.13)
    Photo on 2012-11-04 at 13.26 #4
    Hi Big Joe and Bridgette,
    This is a picture of my Boarder Collie/Queensland Heeler, Rocky. He is the best dog we have ever had and is just the sweetest dog and companion. He is always so happy to see us, is a ball freak, and likes to be wherever we are. I love Rocky because he is a loyal, loving, fun and crazy dog, and that’s why he should be the Pet of the Week!
    Cheyenne Wedel
    Photo on 2012-11-17 at 18.30 #2
  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(09.10.13)

    image (1)

    Just wanted to share a picture of our Samantha Jane.  She is a rescue chihuahua that we got about a year ago and she is the best most lovable dog ever!  I have never been very fond of dogs before but having rescued Sammy Jane I realize there really is a dog for everyone!!!

    Here she has found a discarded beanie hat and decided to use it as a place to rest!!

  • KKBN Pet of The Week(09.03.13)

    cooperoscarcharlieHi Guys
    These are our spoiled rotten yorkies! Cooper is on the left, then there’s Oscar and the tiny one is Charlie. We love these little boys sooo much! They keep our lives interesting. :)
    Thanks for looking
    Pamela Myhre

  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(08.27.13)

    Boober Isaac

    Hi, My name is Isaac Biggs. This is a picture of me and my dog, Boo-ber. Boo-ber doesn’t know that he is a dog; as you can tell from the picture…we are watching cartoons together. We are both 6 years old.

    Thank you- Isaac
  • KKBN Pet of The Week(08.20.13)
    My name is lucky (B for short, because i am a lucky boy). I am around 1 and half years old and I love to chase anything I can and play in the water and snow.
    I’m half German shepard/ Great pyrinesse, so im a little on the bigger side.I was rescued by my human named Eric and Jen and when im not playing or hogging their bed we are down stairs relaxing and watching T.V. I do have a step-sister named chewbaca who i love but annoy all the time just like a big brother( but not older). thank you for listening to my story hope you have a good morning.
  • KKBN Pet Of The Week(08.13.13)



    Hi KKBN! I’d like to nominate my parents BIG cat for pet of the week! This beauty here is Katie Mae! She love’s to lounge by the pool on these hot summer days! When my parents arnt home she drags her sock around, we call it the “cry baby sock”! She is the QUEEN of the house! But dont let her good looks fool you, if you get too close she just might bite!

    Alissa Davis

    Thursday, 17 April 2014 03:17

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