KKBN Pet of The Week(7.10.18)

This is Jake, my black lab who just turned 2 on the 4th of July. He is a firecracker for sure. He is very strong, athletic and full of energy.  Jake is a great companion and loves our walks and playing ball most of all. Hopefully he’ll grow up soon but he is still a puppy big time. Jake is a good boy and gives lots ofkisses and love to anyone!!

Thank you,

Debi Boswell


KKBN Pet of The Week(06.26.18)

Have to out do my friend Rob and his horse Tuesday. LOL. This is Buddy our 4 year old mule. He is 16 hands (each hand is 4″) tall to his back and was a racing mule that didn’t make it on the race circuit. A mule is a cross between a horse and donkey. He is a thoroughbred, mammoth donkey cross. He is supposed to be my husbands but I am currently riding him, to get him a little more broke (trained).


Jody Rumsey


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KKBN Pet of The Week(06.12.18)

This is Goose. Born March 18, 2018 in a litter of 6. An 11 week old trimerle border collie/australian shepherd mix. He has one blue and one brown eye, is very charismatic, and happy all the time. His personality is bigger than he is. So far he loves hiking, the beach, chewing on just about everything, tug of war, and his parents (me) Sadie and Dalton. He is a very smart dog and knows sit, lay down, and is working on roll over and shake.  And to add, he loves sitting on people’s shoulders! Maybe he’s dreaming of being a parent. We’re not sure lol  A fun fact is that he has an instagram by the name of@goose_theaussie. We would love for him to be pet of the week! Thank you!


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