KKBN Pet Of The Week (12/14/10)

Merry Christmas

Gabriel is the horse that was abused & neglected almost to death in September 2010.  Originally rated at a 1.5 on the Henneke scale.  A horse that is rated a 1 on the Henneke Chart is often described as a walking skeleton and is in real danger of dying.  He is now about a 4, and has gained through the efforts and care of ReHorse Rescue almost all the weight he had been deprived of during his months of abuse.  Now happy & healthy, he sports his Santa elf hat with matching red & green bandages covering his almost healed leg wound.  I am submitting this for pet of the week.  Hope he makes it (it is Christmas you know).  Thanks – RP.

KKBN Pet Of The Week (12/07/10)


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet Of The Week Award Winner: Jasper


Here are a couple pictures of my dog Jasper. He is a Chihuahua, mini pincher mix. He’s 9 months old and is such a love. He loves to play outside and dig in the dirt. He’s great with kids and just loves to play!


Carrissa Fraguero

KKBN Pet Of The Week (11/30/10)

Congratulations to this weeks KKBN Pet Of The Week Award Winner: Lue Lue

Lue Lue is a 10 year old long haired chihuahua that was given to me as a Valentines day present in 2000 when she was 8 weeks old.    I’ve never been that attatched to dogs or cats, but this little girl depends on me for everything.  She has a weird thing she does when she eats.  She spins 3 times after taking one bite of food, and continues this ritual til all is gone.  This may be why she only weighs 4 pounds.

Big Joe

KKBN Pet Of The Week (11/23/10)


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet Of The Week Award Winner!

This is my cat Tippy (named that because she has a white tip on her black tail).  She isn’t really waiting for a bath in my sink (we all know how cats like water)  She just likes to lay there because it’s cool and comforting and the dogs can’t pester her.

Melissa Stegall




Congratulations to this week’s Pet Of The Week Award Winner: BRUTIS

This is a photo of our family dog “Brutis”, he belongs to my son Keith Geddis.  We rescued Brutis from the Tuolumne County Animal Shelter in Jamestown April of 2005.  He is a great addition to our family and a perfect dog for Keith.  He came to us with a mellow disposition and completely house-trained.  Brutis travels with us just about everywhere we go and he mingles with other people and pets perfectly.  Like most dogs he responds well to the words “Wanna go bye by?” and “Wanna have a treat?”.  If you ask him, he’ll even give you a high five for a treat.

Thanks, Francine & Keith Geddis