KKBN Pet of The Week(06.12.18)

This is Goose. Born March 18, 2018 in a litter of 6. An 11 week old trimerle border collie/australian shepherd mix. He has one blue and one brown eye, is very charismatic, and happy all the time. His personality is bigger than he is. So far he loves hiking, the beach, chewing on just about everything, tug of war, and his parents (me) Sadie and Dalton. He is a very smart dog and knows sit, lay down, and is working on roll over and shake.  And to add, he loves sitting on people’s shoulders! Maybe he’s dreaming of being a parent. We’re not sure lol  A fun fact is that he has an instagram by the name of@goose_theaussie. We would love for him to be pet of the week! Thank you!


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KKBN Pet of The Week(06.05.18)

This is my toddler (horse) Tuzy. She is like one of our kids. She is constantly getting into mischief. She loves her cookies and will give me the stare down until I give her, her treats. My wife and I ride all over from the mountains to the sea. Tuzy loves to chase cows and is quick!! When riding she always takes care of me. I couldn’t ask for a better horse.
Rob Walker

KKBN Pet of The Week(05.29.18)

This is Armani. I found him hiding in a bush on a rainy day about 14 years ago.He was cold, matted, scared and hungry. He had a tag with his name on it “Armani”  and no other information.  I finally found his owner after weeks of searching and It was decided he would stay with me.

He is the happiest little dog ever! He goes everywhere with me, bounces around like a bunny and has the looks and energy of a puppy at 16 years old! I have many nick names for him but he will always be my little man!
Gina Allen

KKBN Pet of The Week(05.22.18)

This is Dag. He’s our 3 year old not so Queensland, Queensland. This boy right here is lazy, if you ever want to meet a lazy heeler head on over! Dag is one of the best dogs we have ever owned. He’s amazing with our kids and gentle with our cats. Dag doesn’t BEG! We never taught him this, it just came naturally! That’s right. Try giving him anything off your plate, including peanut butter, even French fries! he walks away. “That’s a good boy.” Dag is an all around kind hearted pooch, our family wouldn’t be complete without him.


Tessa Persson

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