KKBN Pet of the Week 11.05.19


Bailey is 6 months old and she is a lab/hound mix.

Her favorite activity is going on long walks and then taking long naps afterwards.

Bailey is a good girl and would love to be Pet of the Week!!


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KKBN Pet of the Week 10.29.19


I have had her since birth 12 years ago.


In May her Daddy, my husband passed away suddenly.


When I broke down at home she came on my lap and with her delicate meow started licking my tears telling me it will be OK.


At the time she was suffering with a bad case of dental problems.  I held her tight and thought, with the pain she was in she gave me her all to help me.


The pain we go through, all animals feel it and try to help in their own way.


Since then, I did get her teeth fixed.






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KKBN Pet of the Week 10.22.19


Barnaby is a great great little guy. He’s handsome, & funny!

He is 5 months old and knows all his tricks. He is now working on becoming a rescue aid dog. He will learn how to help me convince lost stray dogs who need help, that I am a friend. This allows us to save them, get them the help they need and rehabilitate them before finding them a forever home.

He will also be training to pick up trails for lost dogs who got away from owners under emergency and unfortunate circumstances. This will help us track, find the dog, and return the dog to its family. Barnaby is a rescue dog who is on a rescue mission to help dogs like him find wonderful homes of their own.


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KKBN Pet of the Week 10.15.19


I’m Philana and this is my rescue dog Potato.

He was attacked by a big dog at a dog park and a good Samaritan brought him to the ER vet clinic where they patched him up and removed an eye.

He was micro-chipped with the previous owner’s incorrect information so my sister in law who was the vet tech working that day brought him home. She knew I was looking for a little pup and called me as soon as he was healed to see if he could join our family.

One look and snuggle and I fell in love.

Potato is the happiest, gentlest, chilliest pup I’ve ever known.

He doesn’t ever bark, and he spends all day sleeping with his two best friends, an old pit bull named Cash and a giant Bernese mountain dog we call June.


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KKBN Pet of the Week 10.08.19

Hello. I am Ali Meriales, the owner of a yellow Labrador named Oso.

He’s about 100 lbs and is looking for some shade on a long car ride. Silly dog!

We bred him 2 yrs ago, his mother rides in the back seat next to the water cooler.

Oso can’t wait to get to our destination, Don Pedro for camping.


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