KKBN Pet of The Week(12.29.15)


This is Michele and her dog bo they are best friends she walks him and feeds him potatoes the best part of his day is laying on the bed and snuggling with his girl as they watch movies. It’s hilarious to watch a 30 pound girl walking an 80 pound dog down the driveway but he is very gentle. These two are best friends for ever.

Michele’s Mom

KKBN Pet of The Week(12.22.15)


Pete’s mother wandered onto a ranch and promptly dropped a litter of kittens.  Our Daughter, Kelly Vella shoes their horses and brought us Pete when she came to shoe our horses.  Pete loves to eat, play and purr.  We love him.


Vicki Vemeer

KKBN Pet of The Week(11.17.15)


This our beautiful girl Nugget, she loves nothing more then snuggling under the covers on a cold night or chasing the waves down at melones on a hot summer day. She’s 4 years old as of Halloween and the worst guard dog ever she would prefer to lick you to death 😃
Thank you
Charlie and Chelsea


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