KKBN Pet of The Week(01.31.17)


Hi the dog is Bronx and he turns 1 on Valentine’s Day. My son is Kahale Warring and he plays football at San Diego State University and doesn’t get to get home very often. When he came home for Christmas break, Bronx must’ve cried for 20 min because he was so excited that Kahale was home. They love to wrestle together. Bronx loves to swim and play ball but since he is still a pup, he loves to chew anything and everything. He’s even helped us remodel the bathroom by tearing up the linoleum flooring. This Christmas, obviously his first, he got his own wrapped present which he managed to tear open all by himself, one piece of wrapping paper at a time.
Bronx is a big boy weighing in just under 100 lbs and he makes my son look kind of small at his 6’6″ and 245lbs. They just love hanging out together and my son is happy to move into a house next year so that Bronx can come down and stay with him when we go San Diego for the football games.



Nichole Longeway



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KKBN Pet of The Week(01.24.17)


Hello! My name is Samantha!
This is Thompson and he just had his 2nd birthday! He is my “lazy” old walker hound. When he isn’t lounging by the fire he loves to be outside and RUN! He loves his bones and gets lots of belly rubs. He can shake, introduce himself by barking on command and “play dead” Not to mention he is the best snuggler around!


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KKBN Pet of The Week(01.17.17)


My name is Gunner, I am a 3 month old AKC black lab from Groveland. I can’t wait to go bird hunting with my Best friend Jake who’s I also a lab. I like to go swimming, play fetch, and I’m learning new tricks. I know how to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and I’m learning how to play dead.

By, Emily Kennedy
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KKBN Pet of The Week(01.03.17)


Molly, our 3 ½ months old Lab mix.  Brought her home without clearing it with the wife! Was furious with me, but now a month later I think she loves her more than me!  A wonderful, & pretty much mellow, & VERY smart pup. Has captured both our hearts very quickly! Fetch is her favorite thing to do (besides eating) & we look forward to many years of companionship & loyalty! She will be a Companion dog & has already been to Bethel Retirement Center in Modesto twice where “Gramma” is & did very well & was enjoyed by all she came in contact with!

Steven Haskill