Pet Of The Week Award (01-25-11)


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet Of The Week Award Winner: KODA

I bought my puppy Koda in September for my senior project. She is so much fun and has a ton of energy. I took her to the park a few days ago with a friend and we took some pictures of her. I thought they would be great for the pet of the week contest. She is 8 months old, and my baby. I hope you like them!


 Cheyenne Wedel

KKBN Pet Of The Week

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Pet Of The Week Award winner! ROCKIE

Hi! This is my 14 year old boxer beagle, Rockie. He is a loving and loyal dog who is very smart. In this picture, Rockie is sitting next to my autographed Sugarland guitar I got in the summer of 2010. Rockie loves to play, have his belly rubbed, and he always has to be near someone. Rockie is the best dog I have ever had!



KKBN Pet Of The Week (1/4/11)

Congratulations to this week’s Pet Of The Week!

This is a picture of our youngest, Gillian, age 6 with Bandit, our 11 year old black lab mix.  We have had Bandit since we he was a puppy and we were newlyweds.  He has sat with me when my oldest went to college in Texas and been there for the birth of three more girls, has traveled across the country, been through 6 moves (we were an Army family), and finally settled with us back home in Tuolumne County.  He is our protector, companion, and a most cherished member of our family.

Thanks for considering him for Pet of the Week.

The Fells

Michelle, Jason, Joanna, Aislinn and Gillian

KKBN Pet Of The Week(12/28/10)


This is our Golden Retriever Buddy & his friend Peanut who is our “outside” cat . . . riding out that massive rain storm we had December 13th. I had tried to let Buddy in once and Peanut took off so Buddy stayed outside with his friend. Then when I turned around they were both in this position under the eaves out of the rain. Sometimes a friend is just too important to leave behind . . . he’s a great dog.  

Mike & Roxanne Shevlin