KKBN Goodie Award Winner (01/25/12)



Karen Moore is my classroom aide and is more like my team teacher.  She always goes above and beyond in her job.  Since I have taken a leave from work she has stepped up and been a tremendous help to the substitute teachers who have come in.  She not only performs her job, but she puts in her own time to grade papers or stay late to talk to teachers.  Without her things would be falling apart in the classroom right now.  She is a wonderful person and is truly dedicated to a job she loves.  I appreciate her very much!

Sheri Wels

KKBN Goodie Of The Week (01/18/12)

A Big 2012 Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Of The Week Award Winner: Nina Collins

My wife Nina Collins has one of the biggest hearts I know. We had a neighbor that was in a bad car accident. When she came home from the hospital she was in a hospital bed and was unable to care for herself. My wife spent months taking care of her spending nights with her so she would get her meds on time. She would bath her, help her to the bathroom whatever she needed. Nina is always helping someone, from her heart not expecting anything in return. I would like her to have this award just so she knows how much she is loved and appreciated.

Thank you,


KKBN Goodie (1/11/12)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award winner:  Tony Ramirez

Tony Ramirez is the owner of Stogies Cigar Shop in Jamestown. He very generously sends cigars and related items to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I recently went there to purchase cigars for my son, Justin Hazelwood who is deployed and he just gave me cigars to send to him. His kindness brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Tony for helping support our troops.

Mia MacKinnon

KKBN Goodie Award Winner

Congratulations to:

Nancy Scott

My mom is trying her very best to take care of us. Recently my grandpa died, and my grandma moved in, so she has been taking care of all 4 of us. My mom has 3 kids, 6, 10, 14. On top of that, my mom is opening a nonprofit organization, she gives away clothes, and food, etc to people in need, and it’s called “Nancy’s Hope”. Before that, she fed the elderly and people in need at the 49er church. She currently doesn’t have a job; she got laid off by the infant center she worked at. On top of all that, at Christian Heights Church, she is a nursery teacher on Sundays, and on Wednesdays she is a K-6th teacher. She really deserves this, because she tries so hard for everyone.

Sierra Scott

Goodie Award (12/28/11)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner: Lynette Gilmore

 Lynette is the Sonora shelter coordinator. She devotes countless hours to helping the homeless in our community. She deserves to be nominated for the goodie award. She is an advocate for children as well as adults.

 Jeannie Sikes