Pam Tillis Trio Show Comes to The Mother Lode


Dont miss your chance to win tickets to see Two Time Grammy Award winner singer, songwriter Pam Tillis, Wednesday night January 13th at Black Oak Casino’s Willow Creek Lounge!  Listen to the Big Joe and Bridgette Mornings Show starting Friday morning to win tickets and backstage passses!    Grab Your Tickets Here

KKBN Hard Working Man(01.06.16)


Michael Forjan
My husband is constantly working his booty off to support me and our four children.  He works full time as an IT manager.  He is a full time, straight A, college student working on getting his second associates degree.  He just made Chief in the Navy Reserves this last year. Oh and he is the Cub-master for pack 343, Calaveras County Highway 4 Corridor.  He is always there to help people out.  Michael is a very hard working, get the job done right, cross your T’s and dot your I’s, kind of man. He is the most loving father and husband. I am honored to be married to such an amazing, Hard Working Man.  Michael deserves recognition for all his back breaking persistence in everything he tackles in life!


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