Goodie Award (8/18/10)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner:

Patty Whitney

Patty offered to drive her sons truck to Oregon carrying our belongings for moving. It was a long way. my daughter and I are so thankful for her kindness. she is the best person and friend anyone could ask for. we are now at our new home in Oregon. Thank you Patty

Karen and Jessica Allen

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Goodie Award (8/11/10)

Gongratulations to our goodie award winners: Fred & Cindy Niebla. Nominated by Jamey Goelner. Here’s Jamey’s letter.

I’d like to nominate Fred and Cindy Niebla for their many hours of giving
back to their community. They volunteer for mda, habitat for humanity and
other local charities. They should be recognized for their many good deeds.

Goodie Award (8/04/10)

Congratulations to this week’s winner of the KKBN Goodie Award.

Connie Hargis

Connie has been a great friend to som many people in the Tuolumne area. She volunteers at a local church, cooks meals, shops, provides transportation, and is always there with a supportive shoulder for many of her struggling friends and neighbors. She is constantly going above and beyond the call for those in need. She has truly blessed my family and many more in our area.

Sonora Unified School District

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Goodie Award (7/28/10)

Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner: Laurie Leone

Laurie isn’t employed, but stays very busy doing random acts of kindness everyday for her friends and our parish. She organizes setting up the hall for our Sunday service, teaches bible study spends time with teenagers, and is never to busy to help anyone in need the list goes on and on. She also always recognizes people for they’re efforts and support.

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Goodie Award (7/21/10)

Congratulations to our latest KKBN Goodie Award winner, who is our first ever 2 time winner. Here’s the nomination letter.

Mr. Wright at Wright Tire

Wright Tire is a family-owned company that has supported the charities,

schools, sports teams, and churches in this community by providing their

location and water, free, to fundraise with car washes. They are so generous

and community-spirited, and have benefitted thousands of people in need in

our community.