KKBN Pet of The Week (01.08.19)

My name is Luna. I’m 2 years old. Yes I have big ears my mom says I’ll eventually grow into them but my dad says I look like a fruit bat. I love to go on walks, swim, car rides and cuddle with my family. I love to grab a mouth full of food and bring it to my family while picking the pieces I want to eat while leaving the rest for them to clean up. I’m just a big trouble maker but I know my family loves me!


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Murals in the Snow

Simon Beck takes many hours to measure and lay out beautiful geometric patterns and then stomps through the snow for hours to create magnificent works of art! I don’t know if there is a wide and flat place to do this in the Sierra Nevada but it would be amazing!

Simon says, “People have been making drawings on land for millions of years.” but yet notes “I am just about the only person in the world doing anything like this.” Yeah because each one takes 40,000 steps or more!

He might be crazy but it does look like a nice alternative to hiking up and down over mountains. Stomp in one place till it looks epic like this: