Corona’s Cruise Across America: Tallahassee, FL

Entering into Tallahassee, FL from the east side on Highway 27 is remarkable. I was greeted by the historical Capitol building directly in front of me. The city of Tallahassee is impressive. The east side is upscale in terms of homes and businesses. Everything there appears to be clean and brand new.

The Historic Capitol Building of Florida

The Historic Capitol Building of Florida


The downtown section (above) is a historic walking town with numerous shops, parks, condominiums and government buildings, including the Governor’s Mansion.

The west side is home to Florida State University and feels naturally like a “college town”.

Additionally, there are actual hills here with plenty of tall trees. Now that I’m I the panhandle, it looks completely different from the rest of the state.

This Capitol city gave me a great first impression.

Corona’s Cruise Across America: Another Downpour


You can literally see the torrential rain squalls about two miles before driving into them. This was the second downpour of my day. The standing water was the biggest danger and there was plenty of it. There are no overpasses around here (south of Perry, FL) to hide underneath. Even when not driving directly through the storms, nearby lightning and thunder has been a constant on this Florida leg of my Cruise Across America.

Corona’s Cruise Across America: Dancing Water Fountain

It’s the simple things that you can make the most of when traveling.

For example, this park is located in Citrus County, Florida along Highway 98.

The roadside park includes free parking, a large gazebo, picnic tables, lots of grass, clean restrooms, a playground, a pedestrian bridge, trees and plenty of water to look at.

Corona’s Cruise Across America: Bed And Breakfast Over Creek

This bed and breakfast inn was built over a swift flowing creek in Crystal River, Florida. The humidity is intense here and the loud sounds of bugs and critters are truly “swamp like”.

The dining room of this Inn, is located on the first floor directly over the creek.

The dining room of this Inn, is located on the first floor directly over the creek.

I was expecting to see alligators, but this is no longer the Everglades. Perhaps they are here though. It certainly feels like it.

Crystal River is located along the Gulf of Mexico nearly halfway between Tampa Bay Tallahassee. It is remote, but very green in this part of Florida. Many of the surrounding communities have been hit hard by the weather elements. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and heavy humidity have taken a visual toll on the numerous small towns in this region. Times look tough here and this section does not appear to be a “tourist section” of Florida. No beaches, condos or Disney World.

Corona’s Cruise Across America: Leaving Marco Island

Nothing like beginning the Cruise Across America on Monday morning (Labor Day), with 3,000 road miles in front me and encountering a torrential downpour within the first mile. Lightning, thunder and heavy rain remained a constant for the first hour of my trip and the roads were covered with standing water. Needless to say, I did not get off to a very quick start.