KKBN Pet of the Week 11-18-13


Hana the Flower Child with her Hippie Bro Buster
I would like to nominate my two dogs, Buster (14 yr old mixed breed) and Hana (9 1/2 yr old boxer) for pets of the week. Both are rescued dogs from an animal shelter and after training and testing are both certified therapy dogs. You can find them listening to the children read to them at Sonora Elementary School or the Sonora Library, and visiting with the elderly in an assisted living center. Recently Buster and Hana were found visiting the fire crews up at the Tuolumne Fire Encampment each night to bring some stress relief to the fire crews and staff. Buster earned the name “Grandpa Dog” as he was the oldest dog up there visiting. They love to watch for squirrels, eat and sleep when not doing their therapy dog visits. The picture is them in their Halloween costume one year 🙂
Thank you so much for considering them for this week’s pets of the week. They are two of the loves of my life!
Marie T.