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Rick Batiste

  • Birthday: 6/12/
  • Birthplace: Oakland Ca
  • Hometown: Vallejo
  • First Radio Station: KSTN-Stockton
  • Favorite Artists:
  • Favorite Mother Lode hang-out: TBD
  • Favorite Food: Chinese, Mexican, Italian
  • Favorite Sports Team: San Fransico Giants
  • Favorite Book: The Hits Just Keep Coming by Ben Fong Torres
  • Favorite TV Series of all time: Hogans Hereos
  • Favorite Current TV Show: 60 Minutes
  • First Job: KSTN
  • One thing listeners would be surprised to learn about you:
  • Cat, dog, bird or none of the above: No pets
  • Best concert you’ve ever seen: Earth Wind and Fire
  • How do you end your emails?: Rick

    Monday, 21 April 2014 02:39

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