KKBN Pet of the Week 05.04.21

This is Quando.

He was born on march 14th.

He is so small- about 1/3 the size of The other 4 kids that were born that same weekend. His mamma didn’t want anything to do with him and had left him alone in a pile of leaves, wet and cold. Fortunately for him, I found him and he came home to be warmed up and bottle fed.

He was so tiny and didn’t have the strength to stand. We were worried he wouldn’t make it, but he did!

He is just the cutest little guy around! I think we kinda spoiled him the past few weeks. He’s spent his days on the lawn in a little round pen and the nights inside in a box by the fire, when he’s not being held. He’s had several baths and has the softest, whitest fur.

At three weeks old, we decided he was doing so good and took him to join the other baby goats in the goat shed. He is still way smaller than them but he’s adjusting well to normal goat life and I am confident that he will do just fine!

He’s just so adorable and I think he should be awarded the pet of the week.

-Rosalyn Cover

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