KKBN Pet of the Week 02.11.2020

Breezer & Buddy

I would like to nominate Breezer for pet of the week. She is like our child.

She loves to go on rides with us in her car seat, she loves her treats, she loves to go shopping with us and she loved her brother Buddy.

Buddy was a wonderful child to us. I called him my “Buddy Guard” because he was. He was a pure breed Schipperke and he literally was next to me everywhere. If someone got to close to me, he would bite the back bottom part of the pants and pull them away from me.

Breezer & Buddy were very close. Unfortunately, someone poisoned Buddy & he went to Heaven.

Whenever we are traveling & we give Breezer a treat she will put the treat in the back seat where Buddy used to sit.


Anna Marie Walls and Frank Verbeck Sr.


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