KKBN Hard Working Man 09.11.2019

James Hanson

James works full time and attends school at Columbia College. On top of his full work and school schedule, he is an amazing father to our two children Aubrey and Cooper, as well as an amazing partner in life.

I also attend school and work, and he has always made sure that I am able to complete my school work, and when I feel like giving up he pushes me forward.

His dedication to his Job, our children and to our future are just a few of the reasons why I am nominating him.

He is an amazing man.


Winners receive gifts from our sponsors:

Central Valley Fiberglass Pool Company – Step Out of the Stone Age – call 209-422-9829

Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat – Family owned and operated since 1950 – call 532-3624


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