KKBN Hard Working Man 06.26.2019

Steve Bailey

Steve isn’t my husband or boyfriend.  He is my real estate agent. Like any good agent, he has gone over all the paperwork and documents I have had to sign.  However, he has gone way beyond that!

He has help stack wood, brought wood in and started fires for me.  He has vacuumed and swept floors, raked leaves and shoveled snow, carried groceries into my house and carried things out to my car.  I am not the youngest person and I do have some physical issues, but Steve helps other sellers.  He has helped people when they have sold and are moving.

He is also a loving, caring, devoted son and father. If you are selling or buying in this area, you couldn’t find a harder working agent then Steve Bailey.  I think he should not only be the Hard Working Man of the Week, but Hard Working Man of the Month, and maybe Hard Working Man of the Year.

Linda Martin


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