KKBN Hard Working Man 04.17.2019

Gerry Nevel

My boyfriend of 2 years, Gerry is constantly doing things not only for his family but for others.

We work opposite shifts and have a 4-month-old son so when he gets off work, he comes home and takes care of our little man. He could work a 12-hour shift, come home and take care of his family then go and help a friend in need.

He’s no stranger to kindness, has a big heart and he is always willing to do for others, whether it be covering a shift, helping someone with their car or even yard work. He leaves little time for himself to sleep, but he always says he doesn’t mind.

He’s an amazing father, son, brother and boyfriend. All this and much more is why I nominate him ❤️


P.s his name is spelled Gerry but I promise you it is pronounced Gary 😁


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