KKBN Hard Working Man 2.20.19

Mark Boles

I would like to nominate my husband Mark Boles as the hardworking man of the week.

He is a Vermonter born and raised and last year decided to take a chance and indulge me (as I finally wimped out on the winters after 8 years), and move to my hometown of Sonora, CA after he was offered a job as construction manager at the Chicken Ranch Rancheria.

My husband has been in the trades all his life since he was a young child working for his dad’s roofing company, but the office part of the job was a new twist for him. He took a risk and has since been flourishing in his job. He works hard every day and has donated his time in many of Chicken Ranch’s charitable events and contributions, including moving and handing out hundreds of presents at the Christmas dinner. In addition to all of the numerous tasks he does at his job every day, he also works in other capacities (even finds time to go to the gym every morning before work), including assisting friends and family who need help, taking care of our furry children, as well as fostering a new dog.

Because I work in Modesto and Stockton during the week, he takes care of all of the household chores including cleaning, starting fires, doing all the cooking – which he is an amazing cook, and doing work on the new “outdated” home that we recently purchased. He is “salt of the earth” and would be very embarrassed if he knew that I had nominated him, but he is the person that deserves the nomination because he would never acknowledge it himself. I hope that even though I try to acknowledge all the wonderful things he does every day, you provide him with this public acknowledgement for amazing man that he is.

Ashley Romeo-Boles

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