KKBN Pet of The Week(11.20.18)

Hello This is my Dog Lucky Luccino But we call him Lucc for short. He’s 7 and it’s the cutest dog in the world.  My name is Benjamin Delatorre. I’m a disabled individual and I found lucc in 2016 on my front door step when I got home from work he was 2 lbs and extremely dehydrated and his fur was extremely matted and turns out my neighbors friend abandoned him… also we found out later, he was severally abused and mistreated, but since then I have helped him get over his fear and anxiety and got his weight up, Lucc is my best friend and I can’t be away from him for long and vice versa, at night he sleeps in my arms, it helps with his anxiety and mine as well. To me Lucc is my Dog but also my buddy and my son. The day I found him changed my life in a very good way.


Benjamin Delatorre


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