KKBN Hard Working Man(11.14.18)

Christopher Garrison

Christopher is a firefighter with the US Forest Service & has been working hard this fire season to fighting the Spring Fire in CO as well as the Ferguson Fire and is currently stationed on the Woolsey Fire in Southern Ca. He spends weeks camping on the front lines, working hard in the heat and the smoke to stop forward progression of the fire and provide structure protection where it’s needed. He comes home covered in soot and grime and he gets 48 hours to catch up on rest and spend time with his family before he is sent out again on a new assignment. I’ve never seen someone work as hard as he does, all with a positive attitude. He loves his job and loves being able to help others during their time of need. Thank you to ALL of our firefighters working hard to stop our lands from burning!


Kimberly Kirkevold


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