Tattoo Day Contest

We held an impromptu tattoo contest on the show yesterday on National Tattoo Day.   A few ladies sent in pics of their ink and we loved all of them and made them all winners to the KKBN Prize den!  A Big Thank you to all that shared!


Laura M, Sonora Ca She says this helps to cover her psoriasis



Melissa H -Hello, would just like to share a few of my tattoos done by eric at double eagle tattoo 🙂 all of them have so much meaning to me. The fish is in memory of my grandpa who had a huge passion for fishing, the owl is in memory of my great grandmother, the butterfly has paisley print wings for my niece paisley. Thank you

Melissa H

Melissa H

Melissa H



Andrea B – Vintage microphone and music notes as I’m a singer and love music! Roses are timeless and beautiful. “Dad” a tribute to my dad who died of a heart attack at 52;( almost 11 years ago! Inner arm is a vintage pistol and ammo for my ties and love for law enforcement.

Andrea B


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