KKBN Hard Working Man(06.20.18)

Paul Paulden

I’d like to nominate my husband Paul Paulden for working man. They’re just so many reasons why I thought he was the perfect person for this award especially so close to or on Father’s Day, one of the reasons is he’s always there taking care of his four kids, 16, 14, 11, & 8, two boys and two girls, as well as my self and he’s created a lasting marriage after 18 years and a total of 20 together. He’s always making sure he supports them in every way whether it be sports with coaching or sponsoring or helping take them to their recital’s or to friends houses or to birthday parties or practices, school or on vacations taking them to Disneyland and camping or visit family, he’s just one of the most amazing fathers on the Face of the planet. And he’s always there. We have had the opportunity to host children in our community due to parental issues from their parents and he never turns down a child in need. He always makes sure the kids in our town have food to eat if they come hungry. He also takes a child or to to Disneyland when given the chance. Or takes those kids out of town to see the world when they normally would never get that chance. He’s a mentor. And he is like a real life angel. He works long hours in construction and is a pure genius and has been featured in magazines. The way his brain solves everything is just crazy to me. His passions of golf, surfing and snowboarding as well as skate boarding and a shot in the major leagues as a baseball player. He put all on hold for us many years ago. He is the most humble man I’ve ever known he’s always calm and patient and always loves wholeheartedly even strangers and even the meanest of people that are non-deserving of grace or mercy. From buying extra meals for the homeless when we go on vacations or pulling over the car and giving money to people that are struggling holding that sacred cardboard sign, he’s a true man of God that is bringing his four children and wife up in a godly home. He never misses a Sunday unless were on vacation as a family and every waking second minute an hour of the day that he has free he’s doing projects on remodeling our home or helping someone else whether it be a pop Warner game that he helps do a chain gain or work the snack shack or do you parking at the county fair he’s always there and never grows tired. And he always makes sure our bills are paid. He has a love for all things. He’s recently taken over a football commissioner for the AMA Calaveras football league as I also have for cheer and he donates every moment he has of his time to his families his friends in our neighborhood. He’s the kind of guy that would give the shirt off his back and never stops giving. During the Butte fire a few years ago he was non-stop helping evacuate and do whatever he could to help. A few years back I opened a store in downtown Angels camp and I had suffered a stroke followed by a few TIAs and he was there to help do all my books while commuting from working in the bay area and only was home about eight days a month, he was there to help me balance my books help feed and care for me take classes to care for someone that had challenges and help me get back on my feet wear today you wouldn’t even know that I was affected by a stroke, as well he took care of the kids, he is just so amazing there are never going to be enough words in this world, words in the dictionary, words on Google to describe what type of honorable man he is. He’s a loving father, husband, brother, cousin, uncle, son, and friend and I will never have anyway to ever repay him for what grace, mercy and love he has shown everyone around him with his family, myself as his wife his children and his community. He just leaves a little piece of him everywhere he goes and reminds us all that humanity exists even in a cold dark world of trouble’s drama crime and hate that there is still love and there is still good people out there. I am so happy to be writing in for Paul. He’s never taken an award for his acts he’s never taken a trophy or a thank you card he’s never taken a gift for what he does for other people let alone he’s never been given recognition, he’s never excepted a pay out for something kind he did for someone else he’s just never excepted anything for his grace and I just think that he is so deserving of just a moment in the light of knowing how very much we love him and how deserving he truly is. After 20 years he still amazes us. Our wedding song was amazed by lonestar and he lives up to that. He never gets lost in the daily grind. And he is the glue that holds us together. I’m nearly speechless for once trying to grasp the concept to sum him up in a letter it’s just not possible. If you could please give him a tiny shout out that would be great. Humble is how I would describe him, honest is how I know him and pride is what he’s made of. Thank you….


Kim Paulden


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