KKBN Hard Working Man(01.24.18)

My husband Matthew Owens isn’t just a hard working man. He’s my inspiration. He is a wonderful father to our 6 beautiful children, a faithful employee @ O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, and my perfectly imperfect partner in crime for five years now. Even on his worst days I’m his biggest fan. There’s a million reasons why I think he deserves this reward but the biggest is that no matter what life brings our way he keeps rising above, and when things have gotten hard for us he has never given up or thrown in the towel, he far too often doesn’t give himself enough credit for all that he does for our family. It is no small feat maintaining a household of 8 but he never fails in helping me to do so, even after a long week at work. He never disappoints in lending me a hand around our small ranch in Sonora and never says no when I ask to bring a new farm animal home, (even when I remind him he’ll have to put more fencing in lol). If a friend or family member has car trouble he never hesitates to roll up his sleeves and get dirty, getting them back on the road as quickly as he can. he has even done so in the middle of the night after a full days work. When he became a young father just out of high school it did not deter him from pursuing an education in the automotive industry and his sponge like knowledge and passion for all things mechanical becomes quickly apparent the moment you strike up a conversation with him about anything having to do with turning a wrench. This has lead to him being a valued employee @ O”Reilly’s where he is often asked for by name from repeat customers, including commercial customers. The kids and I want him to know how very proud we are of him for always trying his very best despite any mountains he may have to climb and that we love him to the moon and beyond.

Shelby Owens


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