KKBN Hard Working Man(05.03.17)

  My name is Christina, and I am nominating my boyfriend Justin Hohman for the hard working man of the week. We live in Angels Camp, Ca.
Here goes, Justin is a firefighter and a father to three beautiful children, who I will be lucky to have as my step children someday. He is a devoted father, an absolutely wonderful partner, and one of the best people I know. He works extremely hard through the week, and spends every second that he has off with his family making sure that we are all happy and well taken care of. He devotes his time to his children and takes care of there every need, without blinking an eye. Let me tell you, it is a beautiful sight watching a big buff firefighter doing two little girls hair in ribbons and bows every morning for school. He is my teammate and my best friend. He chips in and helps me with whatever I am doing. He does so much and ask for nothing in return. He is always there when he is needed at home and at work. He is and has been so underappreciated, and Lord knows that I am so thankful for him. I wish I could do so much more in return for all that he does. I guess I will spend the rest of my life trying. He is true hero both at work and at home. I really want him to know how appreciated he truly is.
Thank you so much for your time. Take care and God bless.

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