KKBN Hard Working Man(03.22.17)

Guillermo Bernal

Guillermo (G) is the hardest working man I know. He always provides for his family and will work whatever hours needed to make that happen. He is a new daddy and is so in love with his daughter, Sophia. He works from 7 am till 6pm Monday through Friday for mountain enterprises falling trees and usually finds side jobs( tree work, car work, bar tending, yard work, and the list goes on) on the weekends. He used to work 7 days a week at three different jobs but he finally found a job where he can be home every night and not have to work weekends, which I’m extremely happy and grateful for!  Even though he works his butt off all day he comes home happy to see us and ready to help out with whatever I need. He helps with our daughter during the night, doesn’t matter what time even though he has to be up for work at 6. He’s an amazing man and an even more amazing dad!





Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″


 Nates Tree Service serving all tri counties No job too big no job too small”




Suburban Propane 1-800-PROPANE in Jamestown “Their business is customer satisfaction!”


 And Pinnell’s Carpet One Floor & Home


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