KKBN Pet of The Week(02.21.17)

This is Lucy (black tri) and buckey (blue Merle). Lucy is almost 2 and buckey is 14 weeks. They have become best of friends in the 5 weeks that we’ve had buckey. They play all day, and swim like there is no tomorrow. Lucy loves the water but maybe not quite as much as Buckey does. One of our pet waterers outside is the perfect Buckey bath size, and when that doesn’t seem to do they hop into the horse water trough. They stay very busy with our boys who love them so much. Lucy is a very good guard dog, mostly always barking at the Hawks flying over lol. Both love to run a muk at our 300+ acre family ranch in the mountains. They are the best family dogs ever and we are so lucky.
Trent & Amy Rudloff
Garret & Marshall


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