KKBN Pet of The Week(01.31.17)


Hi the dog is Bronx and he turns 1 on Valentine’s Day. My son is Kahale Warring and he plays football at San Diego State University and doesn’t get to get home very often. When he came home for Christmas break, Bronx must’ve cried for 20 min because he was so excited that Kahale was home. They love to wrestle together. Bronx loves to swim and play ball but since he is still a pup, he loves to chew anything and everything. He’s even helped us remodel the bathroom by tearing up the linoleum flooring. This Christmas, obviously his first, he got his own wrapped present which he managed to tear open all by himself, one piece of wrapping paper at a time.
Bronx is a big boy weighing in just under 100 lbs and he makes my son look kind of small at his 6’6″ and 245lbs. They just love hanging out together and my son is happy to move into a house next year so that Bronx can come down and stay with him when we go San Diego for the football games.



Nichole Longeway



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