KKBN Pet of The Week(12.27.16)


Good morning, Big Joe and Bridgette!

This is Lucy Lou LaHouse in her holiday finery. She is named after our grandparents, who were known to be strong-willed and a little rambunctious. These are excellent qualities for Belgian barge dogs charged with tracking down rats, but can make for a mischievous pet!

Lucy greets me in the morning by standing on her hind legs & waiting a good head scratch. Then she’ll lay back down & wait for me to drag myself out of bed. She greets customers at our store every day, spinning in circles for treats and making sure she gets at least as much attention as the other animals. She works off her treats by trotting alongside horseback rides.

Many animals are like children or teenagers. Lucy’s personality is more a jovial middle-aged woman who knows what she likes, loves her family, and won’t take any of your guff. Towanda!

We love her to bits & hope she brightens your day as she does each of ours.

Very happy holidays to you in The Cabin,

Alanna, Patty, and Lucy Lou

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