KKBN Pet of The Week(12.20.16)

Hello!! I would like to nominate my Umbrella Cockatoo named Angel. She and her best friend Misty listen to your station every day and Angel hears it all night to keep her company. Angel will be singing your tagline before you know it!!! Angel is 15 years old and is a rescue from a life of loneliness. She was kept in an outside cage alone for many years. Angel came to the Sonora Exotic Animal Fair at the fairgrounds in September where it was love at first sight for us. She now lives at a really great store downtown called Funky Junk She is so very happy!!! If you would like to meet both Misty who has her own amazing miracle story, and Angel, please come by!!! Thank you for considering Angel for KKBN’s pet of the week!!!!
Andrea Vaughn

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