KKBN Hard Working Man(12.14.16)


Danny Mila

I am Danny’s 9 year old daughter. I think my dad should be the hard working man because he does all he can to support our family. He cooks,cleans,and while doing that watches my 1 year old brother witch could be a pain sometimes. My dad spends time with all of us but he will take me fishing and camping. Four years ago we were told he would not live because he got seriously injured but he proved them wrong. It took months to get him back on his feet but now he coaches high school baseball in Waterford. He is the strongest and bravest hard working man i’v ever seen with a HUGE heart TOO.(please read this on the radio so he can hear it.) Thank you for all you’v done daddy.


Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″



 Nates Tree Service serving all tri counties No job too big no job too small”


And Dr Jose Barajas DC Call 536-9182



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