KKBN Hard Working Man(11.16.16)


I would like to nominate my husband, Tim Sindelar, as this week’s hard working man. Not only is Tim a hands on, loving, and extremely involved husband and father, he is also a dedicated firefighter. Tim is the assistant captain for the USFS engine out of Longbarn. He will spend, sometimes weeks, away from his family working long hours in the smoke and the heat, sleeping on the ground, all to protect people that he’s never even met. And he does this all without complaint. Tim doesn’t hesitate to help anyone who needs it and always makes sure our family is provided for and doesn’t want for anything. He is an amazing, hardworking, man.

April Sindelar


Jim’s Automotive on Shaws Flat-Family owned and operated since 1950″



 Nates Tree Service serving all tri counties No job too big no job too small”


And Dr Jose Barajas DC Call 536-9182


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