KKBN Hard Working Man(09.21.16)


Brad Luke
My hard working man is Brad Allen Luke. This beautiful soul never skips a beat, and I could not be more proud to call him mine. He goes to work before the sun rises, and puts his 12 to 16 hours without ever complaining. No matter how brutal the outside heat is during work or how distracting the cold rain, he comes home to all 5 of his kids and still makes time for them. I hear him chatting with my oldest boy about his day at school, bursting in laughter as he listens to our daughters’ gross/funny experiences of the day. His green eyes light up with joy as he studies our newborn son. Whether it’s helping the kids subtract double-digits for math homework, helping me cook spaghetti dinner for the third night, or brushing our daughters’ hair before bed-he is always there.

In the midst of life’s craziness, he still finds time and energy for just the two of us. I love this man more than life itself- with him life is truly beautiful.  Love you Babe, THANK YOU for everything you do for us!!

Grace Luke


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