KKBN Hard Working Man(07.20.16)


Matt Greenlee
I think Matt should be nominated for The Hard Working Man because that is exactly what he is. He never hesitates to stop on the side of the road to help anyone and everyone with a flat, or car troubles. When we arrived home after spending 3.5 years in El Paso while he served in the U.S Army, he started his new job at New Melones Lake Marina, and he never hesitates to work overtime. He never stops what he is doing just because he’s off the clock. He shows up early, he stays late. On the weekends, he’s working on our yard or lending a helping hand to a friend. And after it all, he still comes home in a great mood and so eager to hangout with his family and spend as much time as he can with our nephew Maverick. I’ve never met someone like this guy, truly an inspiration to many including myself.

Kayla Greenlee


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