KKBN Pet of The Week(03.15.16)


Here are is our pack that we would like to submit for the pet of the week contest.
Red-¬† is our pitbull rescue that we got when he was only 5 weeks old. Poor pup was about dead when he first came into our lives he has since made a huge recovery. He’s 3 years old and the biggest lover you could ever imagine. He loves hanging out with kids and little dogs always turn to him as a bestfriend

Bear- he is 8 months old german shepherd¬† and has the floppy ear. He’s a huge lover and wants nothing more than to please everyone

Rex- is also 8 months old and always on the lookout. He is always on alert and the first to alert of any danger.

This is our pack that makes our family these three guys are our kids, they make every single one of our day eventful and our reason we look forward to when we get home.

Guillermo Bernal

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