KKBN Hard Working Man(11.25.15)

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Paul Karpus
We are nominating Paul Karpus as the Hard Working Man because he is the hardest worker we know! He is a Captain for the CalFire Helitack Crew in Columbia and worked so hard all summer long with very few days off. While working his full-time job he still makes time to come home and work on our new house remodeling it, he is always helping me (his wife) around the house with the household chores, makes time to play with the kids everyday, coach baseball, and work on other peoples homes as well! His son Tyler says, “Daddy works hard all day on the helicopter and still comes home and plays with us!” His daughter Kaylee says, “He works so hard on things for us and he’s so fun!” We love him so much and think he deserves to be the Hardest Working Man this week!

Amber Karpus

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