KKBN Hard Working Man(10.28.15)


Gary Goodrich
I would like to nominate my step dad, Gary Goodrich because i feel he best fits a hard working man,not only has he stepped up to the plate on raising me and my sister, but he comes home after a long day of work and continues to fix,clean and/or does what needs to be done till the sun goes down with no hands down just gets the jobs done! Were also very lucky to have him still here in our lives considering in 2013 he underwent an 8 way heart bypass, that nearly could have killed him, and he still managed to pull through quite a surgery that made us all quite so proud he fought so hard to still be here with us, he had quite a long rough road to recover and is still here being the hard working man that he is!  As the amazing dad he is still maintains and keeps up all the hard work in our home and outside of work/home. Hes an amazing fun loving grandpa to two boys Kyle and Logan a loving husband and father i wouldn’t trade him for anything in this world! We love u Gary (dad) and Grandpa!  Thanks for being the strong fighting hard working man you are and have became!

Angela Mcmaster


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