KKBN Hard Working Man(5.26.15)


Jim Opie
My Father is the hardest working man I know. He works all day everyday, 7 days a week and rarely takes a day off. This work ethic has been passed down from my grandfather to my father and now resides within my siblings and myself. He makes me want to be the best person that I can be. He is the most caring, and giving person I know. He is constantly on the go; He just goes and goes. Not only is he hardworking, but he has a great attitude, when most people would give up he is always positive. “For life is not easy but you are in charge of your happiness.” He instilled this belief into his children. When asked how he’s doing regardless of what kind of day he’s had his response is always “Awesome.” The women at the bank call him by “Mr. Awesome”. He says this with a huge smile on his face, whether is was good or not. Another famous quote by him is “just another day in paradise.” My dad has always been heavily involved within the community from being a youth s!
occer coach, an Elk (past ER), Saint Mary’s Guild (Treasurer this year), to Chamber of Commerce Member to the Sheriffs Posse. This year he’s not only the Captain of the Sheriff’s posse, but he is again the Parade and Mother Lode Rodeo Dance Chairman. All of which starts this Saturday; and believe me, putting it all together has been a huge task! If that wasn’t enough, he helps take care of his significant other’s father who’s 98 when she’s at work. He clearly loves his community and helping others. Being a small town boy, he’s was brought up to lend a hand where ever you can.  He’s always there for not only his family, friends but our community; at a drop of a hat he will pitch in and help whenever he can. He’s not just  THE HARDEST WORKING MAN I KNOW, HE ALSO HAS THE BIGGEST HEART OF ANYONE I KNOW!

Courtney Opie

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