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Hi, I would like to nominate my dad Eric Davis. He is 41 years old and he has four children to look after. They are Rachael, Sidnie, Bret, and Trevor. He also works for the county, and sometimes has to work 16 hour shifts. He just got married to Amber Davis.
My dad is a loving, hard-working, providing man. He has, and always will be a great friend. He provides me, and my three siblings, and wife by, going out to get us wood for our fire place, cooking, making sure we have good grades, and that we have clothes and taking us to our various activities. 

My dad gives us the things we need but also does fun stuff with us too. He takes us camping, shooting, to the park to play basketball, and soccer, and to play on the playground.  He gets us slurpies, and takes us out to dinner once in a while. He plays Legos with my brothers, Bret and Trevor, even though he may not want to. He plays outside on our trampoline with us, even though it may be freezing.
My dad also works outside, he fixes up all of our cars, my grandmas jet-ski, his boat, and anything that needs to be fixed. He is very handy; I love to help him, especially when something needs a new part.
My dad’s job is very hard. He does shift work. Right now he is working graveyard and sometimes has to work 16 hour shifts. He works through birthdays, holidays, and many other things. We know he does his best to get those things off but with his job it’s difficult.  

This is why my dad should be The Hard Working Man of the Week.
Thank you,
Rachael Davis, and family


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