KKBN Hard Working Man(12.24.14)


Jim Haslam
I am nominating my husband for the hardest working man. My husband was laid off 4 years ago from a local company in the middle of the economic down turn.  He spent 2 years working a minimum wage job to keep our family eating. Then had a chance to take his dream job as a county sheriff, but because the salary wouldn’t be enough to send our two boys to school and support our family, he let the his dream go to take a higher paying job in Berkley.  So now, he works out of town 6 days a week.  He leaves Sunday nights and returns on Friday nights. He works over 40 hours a week, missing his family and regular family activities, his kids sporting events and enjoying his home in the mountains, just for his family to be well taken care of. He is only home a day and a half, and when he is home he is fixing all the things i cannot, like putting in a new fire place, remodeling my master bath so i am comfortable at home when he is away. His fix it list is a mile long, but he is always working to make sure we are safe and well taken of. He works hard for all of us and doesn’t spend much time for himself. I want him to know how much he is appreciated and that we love him and how much of his personal happiness he has sacrificed for his family.

Cheryl Haslam


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