KKBN Hard Working Man(12.03.14)


Hi Big Joe and Bridget, my name is Michele Parsons, daughter of Ray Parsons and my mom, my sister and I would like to nominate him for the hard working man award. My dad has been a firefighter for 30 years now, he is currently working in Don Pedro at the Blanchard fire station and is very well known in the community. He loves his job and often works 72 hour shifts. He is always helping others with anything they need, while also helping his family. My dad has always been the go to man when anyone needs something fixed he can always fix it, and won’t quit until its fixed, in the picture above (my dad is on the right) he is helping fix a truck. My dad has always been my rock and has helped support me in everything i do, my schooling, my sports, no matter what it is i know he will always be there, and i want to do something to appreciate him for everything he does. 

Michele Parsons


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