Cold and Freezing Weather Safety Tips

A Hard Freeze Warning has been issued for the central valley and the Mother Lode below 2000 feet from midnight tonight, (Wednesday ) to 9am Friday.

Overnight temperatures will range from the upper teens to the upper twenties.

These cold temperatures could kill crops and sensitive vegetation, harm pets and livestock and may cause pipes to burst.

Here are some preventative tips:

  • Maintain a heated environment in your home. Keep extra blankets handy.
  • Take care with space heaters. Choose heaters with an automatic shut-off switch and non-glowing elements.
  • Never use barbecues or cooking stoves as a source of heat indoors as they can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide which can harm and even kill in high concentrations.
  • Test smoke alarms and battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors in working conditions.
  • Inspect fireplace and wood stove chimneys or flues. Have them professionally cleaned if necessary.
  • Check on the elderly, infants and others with vulnerable health conditions.
  •  Wear several layers of lightweight and warm clothing, a hat, and gloves or mittens.
  • If working outdoors, dress warmly, avoid heavy exertion and work slowly.
  • Keep at least a half a tank of fuel in your vehicle. Check tire air pressure and vehicle fluid levels, including windshield cleaner.
  • Additionally, carry emergency supplies such as blankets, water, food and jumper cables in your vehicle.
  • Wrap outdoor pipes/faucets with insulating materials. Allow faucets to drip slowly during freezing weather to prevent frozen pipes.
  • Cover cold-sensitive plants or move to a sheltered location.
  • Bring pets indoors or to an enclosure out of the elements.
  • Protect other large animals from the cold weather and make sure they have unfrozen water.
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