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KKBN Hard Working Man Winner #11(09.18.13)

Posted on | September 18, 2013

I would like to nominate my father, Marty Meckler, for the Hard Working Man of the Week. My father is always on the lookout to help his friends and family. My father helps me personally with school work, and helps me work on my truck. He’s taught me more than what any class could about real life. He’s a mayson and handyman who is willing to do back breaking work for others. He’s the first one outside, no matter what the temperature, fixing things, picking fruit, splitting and stacking wood, feeding livestock, and working. He loves being apart of our lives, and supports the local Sonora FFA Chapter, Foothill 4-H, and Cubscouts whenever he can, if its taking pigs to fair, building pig pins for others, helping setup at fair, or helping setup for Cubscouts and their events, he’s always the first one there with his tools. He’s a great man, father, and husband. He’s helped many in a lot of ways, he does a lot more than what I could ever say, he’s a great amazing man. Anyone around him will learn from him, and will gain a great experience. He’s my superman, and that’s why I would like to nominate my father.
Evon Meckler
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