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KKBN Hard Working Man #5(07.31.13)

Posted on | July 31, 2013

nick& Westen
I am writing to nominate my husband Nick Brazil for the hard working man contest.  My husband and I have been married for 5 years and have a beautiful 15 month old little boy together. My husband is a very hard working man who works for a company called Haverfield Aviation in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.  We live in the Motherlode and my Husband leaves to go to another state for a month at a time to build power lines off Helicopters.  Nick has been in Texas for the last three tours to build transmission lines from Texas into Mexico.  He works long hours while on the job and then flies back home for 10 days to catch up and spend time with us.  Nick and I also raise cattle so many of his off days involve fixing fence and taking care of the livestock.  Nick sacrifices a lot to provide for his family.  He misses us greatly and sacrifices time with his family to work hard to establish a ranch we can pass down to our children.  He makes sure while he is gone to keep in contact through Skype with our son and speak to him several times a day on the phone.  Nick works very hard to be the best father and husband he can.  Please consider Nick for a finalist in the hard working Man Contest.  I have attached two photographs because you cant see what Nick looks like from the photo on the Helicopter.
Thank you,
Megan Brazil
nick helicopter



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