KKBN Pet Of The Week(06.11.13)

I would like to nominate “Wiggy” for pet of the week award, on behalf of his family the Campbells from Sonora.

Wiggy is a 3 year old Swedish Valhund who went missing out of his yard in May of this year up in Ponderosa Hills.   About a week later with no clues to his wereabouts someone saw him on a adoption site on the internet, the organization was notified however “Wiggy” was adopted already by a new family.
The organization said they would notify the family and explain the situation and see if they would return “Wiggy” to his family who misses him dearly. However his family has never heard back from the organization, and all of their calls go unanswered.
PLEASE PLEASE make him the PET OF THE WEEK, we are trying to get “Wiggy’s” story out so he will be returned and alot of people in and around Oakdale where he ended up and was adopted might hear that he is the PET OF THE WEEK and go to your website and read the story….
He has quite a following on Facebook on “gold country chitter chatter” and alot of people are willing to stand behind his family for his return.
Im hoping if you do make him the pet of the week someone may hear who knows who adopted him and can help to “Bring Wiggy Home”.    If it were your dogs, I know you would do all you can to get them back…
Thank you so much,
“Wiggys” Followers…..
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  1. I lost my dog Theodore for a week when I lived in Jamestown. A couple picked him up on Rawhide. He and I were very happy to be back together again.
    Bring Wiggy home! The dog has a family he belongs to and he will be happier at home with them.

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