KKBN Goodie Award

One Good Deed


Congratulations to this week’s KKBN Goodie Award Winner: Dyan Foust


Dyan Foust and I drove home from a basketball game the other night with our 3
boys in the car. We stopped and got food for our boys on the way home. My son
started to choke in the back seat. I pulled over in a complete panic
With the
car still rolling she jumps out of the car and grabbed my son and began doing
the hymlic manuver. He could not breath at all and began to panic. With two
strong thrusts Dyan dislogged what ever was choking him and he could again
breathe.She calmly said thank god I took that cpr training when I had my
daycare. I want everyone to know what a wonderful person she is. She is a single
mother trying to raise 3 kids with little to no child support which is
especially tuff during the holidays. I thank god there are wonderful people like
this in the world!

Jessie Airola



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