One Good Deed

I dont know if im getting this letter in in time, but i would like to nominate my daughter Jamie Gette for the goodie award!!

She is such a big hearted woman!!  This Christmas she called to adopt a family from the shelter so she was given one with 2 small children, so she thought i can do more for the community than that!! so she asked for another,,,so she got assigned one with 7  children..and she did an amazing job making Christmas bright for these 9 children, But she did not stop there, 4 or so days before Christmas she received info that there were 17 families that had not gotten adopted which meant 43 kids, so she wanted to help!! She was told they all needed warm clothes  and some toys had already been collected. Jamie put out a post on facebook and sonoraville of the needs and sizes and got an overwhelming response with so many donations!! All the kids ended up with a warm,nice jacket and more!!Her mission has kept going as people who need clothing for their children are still contacting her and she continues to sort all the wonderful donations and provide for them! So i lost track after th!
ese 52 children Jamie has brought some Christmas magic to,,,there is more… but this sure tells her story.

Jamie did all of this while working full time at Perkos,,,and is going to be upset with me for nominating her because she does not want any recognition for her heartfelt Christmas spirit…but wed jan 2 is her bday and it would be extra special if she was chosen. Jamie never thinks of herself and always puts others first!

Gail Staggs

the KKBN Goodie Award


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